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Budgie Food Recipes

Budgie Food Simple, healthy budgie food recipes you can make at home for your little guys!

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Baby Budgie

Is your budgie acting funny? Do you wonder what toys other budgies like that your little dudes might get a kick out of? Want to know what the most popular cages are and where to get them? Have a question about if a certain food is safe or not? Want tips on how to get your budgie to calm down if they start to get all breedy? Check out the Q&A section!

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Cute Budgie Dilly

There are few things more entertaining than watching budgies messing around, investigating, chatting up their buddies, taking baths, trying new foods, & more...

Galileo, Mystic Budgie Fortune Teller

Galileo, Mystic Budgie Fortune Teller

Forumulate your question for Galileo in your mind.

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Avian Vet Directory

A pink budgie!?

Has your budgie suddenly turned pink? Is your budgie acting tired or out of sorts? Are they fluffed up & sleeping alot? Are they on the bottom of the cage? Please contact a certified avian vet as soon as possible! Budgies are prey animals and have learned to hide symptoms of illness. If they are acting in any of these ways - they need immediate help!