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Selecting the proper pet bird name for your budgie is important business! You’ll want to carefully select a pet bird name as you will say it thousands of times in your lifetime! The name of your bird tells others about both you and your bird. It can give people insight into the personality of your bird – let them know that your bird is friendy, or shy, or cranky or that your pet bird is a scary bird and they should keep their distance. Whatever breed your pet bird, try to pick a name that fits the birds personality!
Popular Pet Bird Names
The most popular girl/female pet bird names include: Kiwi, Sunshine, Peaches.
The most popular boy/male pet bird names include: Kiwi, Sunny, Lucky.

NEW YORK CITY – “Kiwi” was North America’s top bird-name. Lucky and Princess took second and third places, followed by Rocky and Buddy, leaving the top-five ranking unchanged. Budgies / Parakeets outnumbered any other variety, followed by Cockatiels. Finches and Canaries captured third and Love Birds got fourth place, rising from spots four and five. African Greys were the fifth most popular, down from third place.

Most Popular Bird Names   Most Popular Companion birds
1. Kiwi 1. Budgies / Parakeets
2. Sunny / Sunshine   2. Cockatiel
3. Lucky   3. Finches / Canaries
4. Buddy   4. Love Birds
5. Max   5. African Greys
6. Sam / Sammy   6. Quakers
7. Peaches   7. Conures
8. Charlie   8. Parrotlets
9. Alex   9. Macaws
10. CoCo   10. Cockatoos