Budgie of the Week Videos

Sleep-Talking Budgie – snarfdude 5 Week Old Budgie – retiredfish377 Budgie Art Commission Budgie Art commission Is he doing what I think he’s doing? A cute little parakeet has some personal time. – kmbrco A Handsome New Budgie Friend! Dancing Budgie My Puffie was showing M&M some of his gucci-gucci moves – tazZyb0y See How […]

Talking Budgie Videos

Teach your parakeet to talk! Talking English Budgie Percy the Talking Budgie Here’s a video of Percy a talking budgie with a British accent. – Valless Aussie The Cute Budgie Talking This is Aussie, he lived for 10 years(sadly he passed away from a tumour in March this year), was a very smart bird, hope […]

Funny Budgie Videos

Cute parakeet videos. My budgie gets a piggyback ride from my cockatiel From: betternowthanb4Micky is my female parakeet. She likes to jump up onto one of my cockatiels backs for a piggy-back ride! The male tiel in this video is Birdy-Mack. I think he enjoys giving her rides! They would do this over-and-over again. I […]

Baby Budgie Videos

post and watch videos of baby budgies! See How They Grow – Parakeet Budgie The See How They Grow series came out in the mid 90s. This is from Pets and of course the Parakeet or Budgie one was my favorite episode of all. When I was a kid I had a little toy house […]

Budgie Bath Videos

Parakeets love water Daisy takes a bath on the dandelions. Daisy takes a bath on the dandelions.– ebola909 Daisy Taking a Eucalyptus Bath The parakeets don’t seem to want to take a bath in water that is sans green stuff. A menthol bath is a nice way to cool off on a summer day if […]

Budgie Mating Behavior Videos

Watch videos of budgie mating behavior. Is he doing what I think he's doing? A cute little parakeet has some personal time. – kmbrco NATURE | Parrots in the Land of Oz | Budgie Mating | PBS The ability of the budgerigar to see ultraviolet light plays a crucial role in the budgie mating game. […]

Budgies Eating Videos

Keets in the Dandelions It’s really funny how much Phillip and Daisy anticipate this treat now. As soon as Phillip sees me come in the door with a handfull of dandelions, he goes crazy and follows me around, waiting impatiently as I wash them and trying to jump on them.– ebola909 BudgieMania Alert: Remember, as […]

Other Great Bird Videos

Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo Part II Parrot of the Week – Dancing Cockatoo The Lyrebird (amazing video! a must see!!) OK, this has absolutely nothing to do with budgies – but this bird is very very cool & everyone interested in birds must see this amazing video.About The Superb Lyrebird Video: “See an unbeleivable bird […]