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We’ve collected the yummiest healthiest budgie food recipes you’ll budgies will love! Please share your favorite budgie recipes too!

Some parakeets can be scared to try new food recipes. We’ve found the best way to get keets to try out new foods and recipes is to continue to offer the food again & again.

One day, suddenly, they will understand that this thing will not eat them & they will try it. Another idea, is to make the food fun, like a toy.

Weave veggies through the bars of the cage, float a piece of kale in a bowl of water, put a carrot with all of its leaves attached & water-soaked through the rungs of their ladder.

You can take a healthy human recipe and make it for budgies. Just make sure to take out things like sugar, salt, milk, butter, flour and substitute unsweetened juice, or sugar-free Jiffy cornbread mix. Add in fruits, veggies, crushed pellets, seed, millet, etc.

FORBIDDEN TO BUDGIES: Teflon, canned veggies, non-organic fruits & veggies, avocados, eggplant, rhubarb, potato leaves, tomato leaves, bean plant leaves, apple seeds, alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, apricot seeds, cherrie seeds, peach seeds, pear seeds, plum seeds, avocado pits, peanuts, mold.

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